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Back into it after a hiatus!

Started the c25k program back in April when I acquired new trainers and had enthusiasm to get fit. Managed the first session and found that far too painful so I gave it up..... Until a couple of weeks ago.

Over summer I have myself a challenge to get fitter by joining the local gym and building up my fitness. I started getting the fitness vibe back again and fitness levels went up bug only managed walking on steep incline rather than jogging on the treadmill.

A couple of weeks ago, my mate showed me a walk/run app on the iPhone that was not too dissimilar to the podcast but it keeps a track of speed and the route via GPS.

I got my mate to start this with me and I'm very stunned to say we managed the first week without cheating or stopping - yay! Week 2 starts Saturday! Wooooo! :) if I can do it, ANYONE CAN!

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Go me......! :) *high five myself*


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