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Any suggestions for knee pain?

I have just completed W7R1 and although I have to push myself I am beginning to feel that I can really do this. However, at the start of every run my knees twinge (in fact they twinge in the warm up walk!) After 5 mins or so of running the pain recedes into the background a bit, but I really feel it towards the end of the run and my warm down walk is painful. The pain lasts for a day or two, especially going up or down stairs. I am taking 2 or 3 days rest in between each run to make sure my knees feel O.K. I have also splashed out on v.expensive pair of trainers after having my gait analysed, but they have not made a difference. Just wondering if there is anything else I can do...I would really, really like to get to week 9!

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Hmm. If it is bad enough to worry you I would suggest seeing a doctor about this. I don't think anyone here would be confident to advise you, especially if the pain is lasting several days after running. My worry would be that you are damaging the joint, and by ignoring it or trying to manage it yourself, you are slowly doing irreversible damage. But I could be wrong.

Knee pain is something that no runner should ignore.


I have dodgy knees and also get pain walking downstairs. I agree with the advice to see a doctor. I got x-rays, which diagnosed an underlying problem, and a physio referral.


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