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Still here and still running

I thought I would give an update as I have not posted on the site for a long time. I have kept my regular running of 3 times a week where possible. I have traveled to Hong Kong 6 times this year on business for two week visits so this has played havoc with my running, I did do some treadmill running in the hotel gym but for me its not the same as running outside and Hong Kong was so hot / humid that running outside was not an option.

I have now taken early retirement so I can now run mid morning 3 times a week and not have to run very early in the morning before starting work, this is so much better. I still run for 5K or a little over in my usual time of 32 to 35 minutes. Rather than consciously trying to beat this time I think my next target is to start to stretch the distance gradually now I have more time to do it, also seek out some new routes to keep me entertained when running.

To all you on the C25K plan keep believing its a great plan and you will get there like all of us graduates did. This community will help you get there as it did me, just remember you have all these virtual friends with you as you run. To all my fellow graduates I hope you are still enjoying the running like I am.

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