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Week 6 Run 2 BAD RUN :(

Oh gosh.

Just had a terrible run. I've been feeling ill recently down and have a cold etc, and this morning after breakfast I thought I was going to be sick.

I waited an hour, then set off for week 6 run 2. It was awful. I managed to jog very slowly for about 6 or 7 minutes...then had to walk for 1 or 2, then ran for the remainder of the 10 minutes. I had to stop then, didn't even attempt the second 10 minute run. Even though I was going slowly I was incredibly short of breath, felt sick and had a bile/irony taste in my mouth (gross!). Feel really **** about it. Typing this now my arms are aching, and I have pain in my neck and between my shoulder blades.

I think I'm pushing myself too hard, as I'm also doing strength exercises on my rest days.

I also went faster top speed on Tuesday with the 5 min/8 min/5min runs was 6.36mph and today my top speed was 7.25.

Despite all this, I feel super rubbish for failing today :( Any advice on how I can avoid this in future?

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Wow! Don't be so hard on yourself! Any run is better than no run! But a run when you are already feeling ill is a hard task; & as you pushed yourself to go faster I'm not that surprised it was too much for you! Be kind to your body, take an extra rest day if needed, then come out all guns blazing! :-)


Don't feel bad, it just sounds like you are under the weather and not feeling great so struggling today is not a result of fitness or ability - its the cold/illness.

Sometimes when I have a cold just getting out of bed and to the loo seems ambitious and I usually capable of that! It is a bugger to have a bump in the road like this but remember you haven't failed at all - in fact you got out there when you werent feeling great which is a positive. Take some vit c and zinc, have a warm drink and wait to you feel better. I bet you'll do great then!


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