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OK, I'm NOT talking about drugs here, but those annoying little stones that seem to come from nowhere and get inside your shoes and socks.

I was merrily running along this morning when I felt a sudden pain on my right heel just as a bundled-up cyclist came the other way. I still managed a fairly cheery 'morning' as I collapsed into a pile at the side of the road, barly able to walk. Grasping a convenient lump of granite I grabbed my lace and tugged. Shoe and sock off, I balanced and waited for a gargantuan piece of Dartmoor to fall out of my shoe...I was disappointed! A tiny, tiny speck of gravel dropped out. I was SO pleased that I was alone at this point. Sock and shoe back on after peering in to the murky depths of the offending shoe looking for the large rock that must still be present, and on with my run.....

....ARGHHHH, a few paces further down the road, and it was the turn for a repeat...only this time, on my left foot.

Some days, runs are destined not to go well...!

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