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I'm amazed I'm actually enjoying this,

After a full days work I got into my running gear and jumped on the treadmill for W4R2. As it was dark outside I caught my reflection in one of the windows -was that really me; running? It made me smile. I'm so glad I decided to take on this challenge and am amazed I have made it this far, this programme really does work. The stress of the day at work just left me. So proud of us all. X

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Well done M'Lady!

I did my Wk4 r2 today as well. I am away from home in a city centre, so I did it for the first time on a treadmill. I thing I noticed is that I sweat much more in doors without the breeze to evaporate the sweat!

I'm really enjoying it too.



Well done getting this far.I did the whole thing on the treadmill and have never run outside.You do sweat a lot.must give running outside a go


I guess it depends where you live, but I've enjoyed running outside wherever I happen to be. If I'm away I look out a local park, and at home I try new routes. I am lucky in living in beautiful west Wales, but running outside does give you lots to distract you - and enjoy... sunrise, sunset, landscape (and the occasional hail storm!!).

I've never tried running on a treadmill. I don't fancy the looks from the lycra mob... and I sweat quite enough when I'm outside, I dread to think what would happen inside :(


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