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Next up W5R3!

After 4 days when I've not been able to fit in a run, I just did W5R2.

I had been pretty apprehensive about getting out there again, but it was OK! I hadn't felt I wanted to do two 8 minute runs round the park, so I ventured out into the big wide world of canal towpaths and backstreets for the first time. This was a good move as, instead of worrying about how much longer I could keep going for, I had to think about which way to go!

I had no problems with breathing or heavy legs and felt there was still a bit in the tank at the end.

For the first time I am feeling that W5R3 is something I might actually be able to achieve - or at least have a decent go at! Watch this space!

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WELL DONE! I'm sure you'll kick W5R3 into touch! They often say on here that a change of route makes the running easier to cope with.

Good luck for your next run!


Thank you Beek! I'll certainly give it my best shot.


Well done Hennith, I am not as good as that, I aborted run 3 as for some reason I couldn't even run for 7 mins on that occasion, I'm having a bit of a downer on my running this time around (I completed couch25K on Christmas eve last year) It's good to read about people who are feeling that high about their running. Hope I will be able to feel the same again soon > I think that I may have to go back to week 4 ??



Well, I just wish you could have seen me before I set out yesterday - I was really nervous. I had not felt at all confident about embarking on W5 and having to take a life enforced break of 4 days in the middle of it had only made things worse. I think it was the change of route that improved my outlook - it was just a whole new running experience yesterday. Maybe the 4 rest days helped too. In your situation I don't think I would repeat week 4 - it might make week 5 seem like a large hurdle on the horizon. Give W5R3 another go with no great expectations and see what happens - and I recommend a new route if you can. Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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