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First post graduation run

Having finished week 9 at the weekend, I went out this evening for my first run as a graduate. I decided to try the stepping stone C25K+ podcast. I have to say I am still uncertain as to what I feel about it at the moment. Certainly any hopes that post-graduation running would magically get easy were dashed, as I found it quite hard, but I guess that is good in that it is testing me in new ways. On the one hand I liked the structure it gave the run with the frequent advice from Laura and changes of track/pace and with having to concentrate on keeping in time with the rhythm I was not worrying too much for most of the time on how much time I still had to run for or how tired I was etc,. Overall the time went really quickly because of this. However, I did find it very hard to stick to the required pace - not that it was too strenuous (although I was tiring a lot at the end) so much as my natural running rhythm was often either slightly faster or slower than the requirement - hence the need to continually concentrate and control myself which felt a bit forced at times. I will certainly try it a few more times though to see how my feelings on it evolve.

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I tried it for a while and certainly helped me consolidate my graduate runs. The speed one is quite good for a short sharp run.

Well done on your graduation:-)


I tried it too - I was worried I would miss Laura. No idea if I was running on the beat? I don't think so as they all seemed the same. But it helped with my arms! And the nagging ( arms! Head! 1 2 3 4! Arms! Feet!) kept me thoroughly distracted! I will try again...


Ok. Now I will have to try c25k+ as I want to find out about the arms! Head! 1234 !!! I will let you know how I get on.


I think I might have to give it a go as well, have a bit of a mix up with Laura and Zombies alternating lol!


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