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W3R1 A Dog's dinner of a run, but I did it!

Somewhat guiltily I decided to skip the prescribed day off and jump straight to W3R1 after finishing W2 yesterday (otherwise I can't fit my runs in this week). I was anxious about the 3 minute run before I started.

I set off on the first 90 second run but the podcast spluttered about halfway through it. I thought it seemed like a jolly long run and thought maybe I had misunderstood and this was the first 3 minute run. It was only when Laura said I had 2 1/2 minutes of the warm-up left that I realised the podcast had jumped backwards. I calculate that my first run must have been 4 MINUTES LONG! - But I DID IT!!! I can't believe it after the way I staggered around on week 1.

I completed W3 R1 by rejigging the order of the runs to make sure I did what I should have done, albeit in the wrong order.

As a lifelong running-phobic, I am really enjoying myself and can't believe the progress I have already made.

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Well done! I'm on week 3 as well and am looking forward to W3 R2 tomorrow.


Well done.

You'll go far with that spirit!


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