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Wk6.1 "I'm so wheezy now" - most appropriate song so far!

Wayhey - week 6.1 reached (again) and my favourite song. I think the lyrics are actually "It's so easy now" but I prefer my interpretation, it's probably slightly more accurate!

I've started C25K three if not four times before but never, for one reason or another, actually graduated. I think I've got to week 7 or 8 previously, but this time I'm determined to graduate. Wish me luck!

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I always heard it as wheezy too. I thought quite appropriate being an asthmatic! :)

I'm on my second go too. Got to this very point last year - week 7. I am determined too. I'm sure we can do it this time!


Hahaha - that's the song I liked LEAST of all in C25K - a lot of swearing went on as I puffed up hills to "It's so easy now" - and now you've given me new (and more appropriate) words for it. In the (I hope) unlikely event that I have to do weeks 6 and 7 a third time I'll be thinking wheezy!

Thanks and enjoy week 8 (until you have enough of you and Julie - you'll see what I mean :-) )

Good luck with graduation as well!


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