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Week 7 Seems Impossible to Me!

Well I have been kind of fed up since I completed week 5 a few weeks ago. Since then I did complete week 6, but had a bad run at the start of week 7 so decided to redo week 6. I had a week off (holiday) so I'm restarting week 6 for the second time. For some reason week 7 seems impossible to me even though I have already run for 25 mins straight! It's like it's SUCH a pain to get to the end, I am so tired out by the end and desperate to finish and it's hard to keep my mental strength up now.

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I have experienced this tired, longing to get to the end feeling. It's very de-moralising.

You have come along way,so don't give up now. A few of things to think about;

1) Have you eaten enough before the run (an hour before). Bananas are good, but any form of carbs I think will help to keep your energy up. Isotonic drinks are far better re-hydrating drinks than water. Have you drunk enough before/ Dehydration can be subtle, but quite draining.

2) You are running so much further than you were a few weeks ago, so this is harder on your body. Slowing down just a little will help.

3) Go for a 'treat run'. Somewhere new that ends up near a tea shop or something so you have something to treat yourself with.You have earned it.

You can do this, you so can. We are all right behind you.


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Thank you Nerdio. I'm at just the same stage... this really helps. (Although there is no way I would inflict my pink and sweaty self on any sort of shop/cafe.. well, anywhere really!)



I would emphasise point 2 above.

I am completing week 9 run 3 tonight - as a 41yo guy, I've literally not done ANY exercise for about 20 years!

The key for me was to complete each run, and I took Laura's advice literally - it's not about speed, its about finishing. I usually run the first run slightly slower than I think I can, then use run 2 and 3 to build on it a bit.

I'm sure we all found it hard at this stage, but try to stay relaxed (which is easier if you are running within yourself) and remember that - as you said yourself - you've already done the 25 minutes, so you KNOW you can do it! :)


Have to admit I've been avoiding the forum! But thank you for your advice. I went out and did W6R2 again on Weds and I felt better than I have for a while. I tried to focus on the beautiful sunrise and the fact I wouldn't be there seeing it if I wasn't running. I also took it slower, and although it was hard it didn't seem quite as hard as before.

So, I'm going to try the 25 min run again next. Was supposed to be today but since we've been hit by such strong winds I've put it off to tomorrow when the forecast is a lot better. When I failed W7R1 was a very windy day, I was running into the wind on the 2nd half and it was literally making tears stream down my face! Don't want to fail again!


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