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Biopsy ruined my 6 week running streak :(

So I had to have a biopsy today and they said "no strenous exercise" for 2 weeks. So i said ill be fine running wont i? and she said no :( but power walking is okay.

I cant let it get in the way now, i dont want to go back a step...in 2 weeks ill be on week 8! ive worked so hard to get this far.

Surely a light jog isnt strenous? I dont even sweat that much!

Anyone else gone through something like this?

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I feel you must do as you are told by your medic team. They know what they are talking about and if you rush in too quickly then your body may complain and it will take it longer to heal.

I know it must be frustrating for you but just imagine setting yourself back for even longer.



I know it's sounds like a joke but it's not a race..I know how you feel..as I had an injury the first time I tried the c25k damaging my foot on the edge of a curb not paying attention..couldn't even walk let alone run..that was around week 8...after 4 weeks out went back to week 4 but was too much and went back to week the start to get right to week 8 again and then had to go in for gall bladder surgery..was gutted...that was a year ago...8 weeks after the surgery I decided to give it a go again...I completed my goal...yeah but was addicted by now...10 months on now I'm running for 35k to 40k long runs on Saturdays taking 4-5 hours as I'm in training for a 60k run I've set myself from Manchester to Rotherham..All I can say is as long as it bothers you that your not running then it will fall all back into place once the time is right...good luck with your journey and hope it's long and sweaty..lol

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