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Week 7 - done!

Found W7 r3 really hard tonight, but that could be to do with the failed run yesterday, when I tried to run 7:3 on a cup of tea and a banana. Changed routes slightly and slowed down again but I did it! Had water with me for the first time, but I don't think I'll take a bottle with me again for the moment as I kept using it as a reward - run this far and then slow to drink some water which slowed my rhythm down a lot as well as the random feeling in my stomach...

I've signed up to do Race For Life Twilight on October 18 and I think that that will be my graduate run, all being well :)

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Congrats on finishing week 7! I should be posting the same thing but psyched myself out and am repeating week 6 again. Feels so much harder moving onto week 7!


Well done. I'm at the same place! Did find week 7 really hard, but as I've said on another post, I think that's because I started using RunKeeper and think I was pushing myself instead of just running. So its not going on today and I'll get out shortly.

I was running on empty but with these longer runs have been trying late morning runs instead... not really sure it is making much difference. I guess I'll have to go back to an early run soon - then I might know.


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