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W7R1 - and whooped nasty virus backside :)

Not been feeling too well of late, managed to get through W6 but had to be taking a couple of days rest inbetween runs as not feeling well. And then it came - the awful virus that everyone around my neck of the woods seems to be getting lately. FIVE days of no running - felt gutted and thought I might have to repeat W6.

However, got myself out this morning and have to say I was dreading it but I was determined to get onto W7. I started steady and managed to keep going but the last half I started to hurt but dug deep and carried on. I actually thought I'd missed Laura telling me that I only had 5 minutes to go - took forever for her to say that, but when she did I dug a bit deeper and managed to finish, no extra energy to go faster for the last 60 seconds, so on I plodded.

I say plodded but I have to say I was a bit surprised when I hit the stop button on Strava to find out that in 25 minutes I had done 4.6k!!!!! Well my 5 minute walk home included a big cheesy grin on my face, goodness knows what other people thought but actually - I didn't care!

Very proud of myself for just going for it although I have an awful feeling in my throat at the mo and a bit tired. So steady afternoon, early night tonight and fingers crossed the nasty virus will not reappear

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Well done, that's a fantastic result and especially so after having to take five days out.


Well done NuttyNat! :)


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