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Week 5 Summary - In which I doubted I could run for 20 minutes, but I can!

Week 5 has been tough. Run 1 was fine, but then couldn't get run 2 in because of parents evening, then torrential rain for two days. I ended up running run 2 on Saturday morning, which wasn't ideal because we'd had a friend round the night before and I won't tell a lie, alcohol was consumed.

I actually felt ok though on the morning so I thought I'd do run 2. The first 8 mins were hard, there were lots of people around running and generally milling about. The second 8 minutes felt even harder. I got a stitch but I managed to get through it. The worse part was that I started to doubt I'd be able to do run 3 if I found run 2 that hard.

I did run 3 today and decided to not think about the distance and just give it a go. It couldn't have gone any better. The weather was good, I didn't see a soul. It actually felt good doing the longer distance rather than walking in the middle. Once I'd settled into a pace, I found the running easier. I had a slight dip in motivation when Laura said I'd done just 5 minutes, I got over it though, and when she said it was time to stop it felt amazing.

Looking forward to week 6 now, feels like I'm really making progress.

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Its a really good place in the program I think. Once you accomplish that run, apart from the sheer joy you feel, I think it mentally prepares you for the longer runs to come a week later. And yes I've started to find it takes about the first 5 minutes for me to settle comfortably into my (slow) pace and rythm so I'm kind of glad I don't have the walking breaks to interrupt it now.

Well done on the 20 mins. Thats no mean feat and you're definitely progressing!


Well done it feels amazing doesn't it :-) I'm the same first five minutes are the hardest


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