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Cheap Garmin type products/run mapping/apps


So I've recently been tracking my runs on the My Run app on my phone. It's great and it even shows a little map of where you went. It's really accurate, and even shows where I ran off the path, or cut corners. My phones quite bulky though, so was wondering what other distance mapping devices there are out there?

I'm just looking for a watch type thing, which will show you how far you've ran (so I know if I'm actually running 5k or not). Obviously I know these won't show maps. I'm just looking for something pretty basic. I know the garmin products are great, but unfortunately I don't have £80 to spare!

Thanks guys

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What is your budget? I think you can get a fitbit zip for about £40, or aimed predominantly at kids but cheaper still and I don;t see why adults can't use it. is the iBitz by GeoPalz which is around £30. They're not watch like devices, more like advanced pedometers which you wear on your hip or shoe. They will collect data and then you can sync it to your phone. though the ibitz doesn't have a screen so you wouldn't be able to see how far you'd travelled in real time.

I've not used either so maybe someone else on the forum could jump in with any thoughts?


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