Hi, my left knee had started clicking, feels like a bit of the knee cap is loose or gone out of kilter, doesn't hurt just disconcerting!

Just repeated week 1, a real beginner, I am 3.5 stone overweight but seem to be coping ok. I was looking forward to week 2, i really don't want to stop now! I have bought proper running shoes but my knees have always been a bit problematic. Happy to push through if this is just to be expected.

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  • Well done for committing to C25K it's brilliant as for advice Your be fine as long as it doesn't hurt warm up cool down and stretch out take it steady maybe wear knee supports listen to your body well done keep it up

  • Thank you i will, i realise how easy it is to look for excuses to stop but i don't want anything to get in my way. Lots of things seem to ache and click these days anyway!

  • Welcome to C25K, the absolutely bestest forum going!!!

    Trickly little blighters knees. I have had my fair share of trouble from mine, and I would say it's best to keep them warm in cold weather, and start taking Cod Liver Oil (old gashioned, and it won't hurt you - unless you are a vegetarian, that is).

    Mine sounds like bubble wrap being screwed up each time I get up. I had it checked by the doctor who said that I shouldn't worry unless it hurts!! I can feel it, but no pain. I would say it is best to get it looked at ~ just to be on the safe side, and to get some really good running shoes.

  • Ah, that's a good idea, used to take cod liver oil years ago but got out of the habit. Did W2R1 earlier today and knee feels ok, i'll keep an eye on it though. Thanks for the advice and encouragement!

  • My knees make a 'clicks' sound when I squat, no pain as such except the little bit pain after I do my 10K, it is still only a temporary ache, after a day's rest I am fine. As long as it does not ache constantly I think you should be ok, but if you worry, I would go see the Dr, just to have a peace of mind.

    Goodluck to you for you running!

  • My theory is, cogs and chains on a bike need a drop of oil now and again, same with body joints, cod liver oil is good especially in the winter when joints tend to stiffen when the colder weather comes. Good luck but do seek medical advice/sports physio if you start to feel pain in your knee/s.

  • Thanks for the advice, it seems to be settling down and have resumed taking cod liver oil, knee was clicking going down stairs but did W2R2 this morning and feels a bit better this time. Toes in right foot still going numb though despite different lacing up! Not giving up though.....!

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