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Can anyone recommend a 5-10k podcast?

I just heard one and it sounded like an American robot... Being used to Laura I don't want that but wouldn't mind attempting to extend my distance

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When I was training for my 10K, I used a bluefin app called ease into 10k. You get a choice of voices (none quite as warm and friendly as Laura, but you get used to that). You can also play it alongside your own music. I got some great results from it!


Thanks Saruma! My plan at the moment is to not worry about speed just pace and distance and do the extra running at weekends, that should work? I just downloaded walkjogrun but it has cross training as well and I just about have time to actually run let alone do other stuff at the moment, it felt a bit hardcore for me!

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I literally just explore further each week but am using the zombies run app to keep me motivated. I got up to 6.8km two weeks ago. I then do a short 25min run in the week and a 5k ish run on the road in the dark.


I downloaded the B210k podcasts by Sam (the link is on this site somewhere) and used them to do one longer run once a week. Some of the music is a bit heavy, but I like the week 3 one and have stuck with using that and some of my own music.

I was advised to enter a 10k to focus/motivate towards extending my distance and have worked upwards from 5k in August and can now manage 9k having done 2x30min runs a week and one "longer" run where I have added 10 mins on every other week.

Have been enjoying these longer runs which I never thought I would. Have entered a Mo-running 10k in November and apprehensive but excited.


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