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Half marathon thoughts

Thinking back on last Sundays Robin Hood HM, I'm pretty chuffed with what I achieved.

Some advice For anyone that's about to do their first:

You need to be hydrated, but there's probably going to be drink stations, so don't over do it. lots of people were queuing for the portaloos and bushes at the 3 mile stage.

You need energy, but you don't need to carb load, it's a endurance event and carb loading encourages the body to burn through carbs quicker. (Also you risking being the bloke I saw at the 20 km stage who obviously decided better time was more important than pride, though he did encourage me to run a lot faster!)

Plan your race, slow start, then pick up your pace when your feeling confident and hold it as long as you can. You don't want to have stacks left for the sprint finish, then again you don't want to be one who walks the final km's.

If you must walk, try to get to the side and try to see if someone's tailgating you (apologies to the bloke I ran into the back of), oh, and be careful when checking your pace on your watch, cause the bloke in front of you might stop... :-)

Most of all enjoy it ;-)

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Thanks for the advice and congratulations on running a HM! I am running a HM on the 27th so will definitely take on your advice.


It was 'eventful' then? :)

Well done on completing it!


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