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That mojo, it comes and it goes

Two weeks ago I had a slow tricky run, head and body just not up for it. Last Sat was the the best yet, then today was pants again. (We do run in the week too but not the full 5k - more like 4). What is it that makes it so? I could feel I was slower - only started to improve in last 2k - but chest and shoulders refused to let me go any faster! I tell myself at least I run but it's a bit discouraging. Got too used to constant improvements during program!

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Mojo is a tricky beast. I'm sorry that your latest run wasn't a good one. You're right, the programme gets us used to improving and suddenly, although we still progress, the increments are much smaller. But you're right - you are still running and that's what it's all about. Remember when you first started, and it was hard to run those first few minutes? Did you ever think that you would be unhappy because you weren't running a 5k as fast as you wanted to? :D Chin up, and hopefully your next run will be better. All the very best with it :)


I think there are loads of variables that impact on my running, but what I am hearing from your description the potential is there for you to have great runs. I think my point of view is that's just the way it is, however You might want to see if there anything you can identify that might be part of the difference. Food and or drink the night before?The quality of sleep? Weather?

Hope the next run is a good one for you.


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