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Week 8 run 2 done

Can't believe I am heading for the last run of week 8. I can remember starting the programme and reading about what we had to do in the later weeks and just glossing over it and not really believing that it would be possible. Yet here I am running all be it slowly for 28 minutes. Who knew! I walked my route at the weekend with the gps so now have markers at where the mile is and how far 5k is so I now have targets must be my inner competitive side coming out. When I started the programme as overweight and unfit my goal was to be able to run a mile I can now run 2 in the 28mins nowhere near 5k but I am aiming over the winter to up my speed and endurance. So if you are reading this post and are just starting believe in yourself you are stronger than you think you are follow the podcasts and you will be able to do this

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Excellent post! Enjoy your run.


I loved your idea of walking the route so that you know your markers. A great way of setting challenges for yourself.

When starting week one a 25 or 30 minute run really does seem impossible! But this program really works. It seems quite magical when I think of how it has chaned my life, and so many other's lives too.

Enjoy running.


Totally felt the same at the beginning when I looked at the final few weeks and now I'm about to start week 8! Unbelievable really - wish I'd known before how achievable this is!

Good luck for finishing week 8! :)


I find that having markers is really good motivation. I run the same route every day, mainly because it's flat and easy, and I find markers really helpful. I always find the first half of the run harder from a psychological standpoint, but, as soon as I turn back and head for home, I just know I'll make it. Two months after starting running I have run 6km three times this week, and that's with previous back surgery and a dodgy knee. I never EVER thought I would be able to do that.


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