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What is it about week 8?

I remember that last year, when I did C25K the first time, week 8 run 3 was the only run I had to repeat because I couldn't complete it. This week I've been doing week 8 again having taken the summer off and restarted at week 5 and guess what - I had to take a second go at run 3! The first attempt I was just too tired when I started, having not slept well, and I had to have a 3 min walk after about 20 mins. Second attempt was on the same route and I managed fine - still totally beetroot faced and whacked out but that's what's expected isn't it? I even managed to slow down (if it's possible to go slower than the average slug) and speak well enough to recommend C25K to a lady on the way!

So...onto week 9 on Sunday I hope and with any luck back 5K and Parkrun will be a possibility soon.

Have a great weekend everyone :-)

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So onto week 9 well done. i found those last few runs tortuous and felt a real mental weight of them. Silly me - we are after all only doing it for ourselves :-).

3 more runs and then its in the bag - well done- re-graduation:-)


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