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Rain, dark, soggy socks and a big grin!

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Yesterday at work I watched the clouds gather. As I left for home the rain began. Out with the dog there was a brief torrential downpour. It was a run day and it was all putting me right off. I tried to make excuses. It didn't work.

So obviously the solution, pull on the running gear and force myself to do it anyway.

It was surprisingly mild despite the rain which was a nice surprise. I chose a different and new route to spice it up a bit.

I don't know if it was my determination or the change in the weather or what that spurred me on but I had one of my best runs yet. Week 6 run 3. 25 solid mins! Me!

I was sceptical about it to be honest. Didn't believe I'd do it. This is the point I failed at last year. I just thought I'd try and see what I could do. No pressure.

So I don't know what happened. Something just seemed to click into place. Everything felt right. My mood, attitude, pace, breathing. All came together. I even followed Lauras suggestion of upping my pace for the last minute because I really felt I could do it.

I felt great afterwards. My longest run yet. And then Laura called me a runner! Me!? So if Laura thinks I'm a runner I damn well think I'm one too!

All I have to do now is 3 more of these and I'm sailing! Whoop, bring on week 7! :D

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She's got it, by Jove!! I really think she's got it!!!

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You ARE a runner! You just proved it.

You are 2 runs ahead of me and spurring me on x

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Laura's the expert around here -so if she says you are a runner, you most definitely are!!!

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Brilliant post well done you! I felt the same on the 20 min run!

Ive done most of my runs in the rain now but its not put me off. Will be joining a gym for the winter tho as dont like the cold lol.

keep going...we can do this!!! Xxx

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Laura is right! I loved it when she told me I was a runner. She is there at the right times and says the right things. Nothing will stop you now!

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