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W8R1. All done

Have had a chesty cough and so I delayed my run from last Monday to yesterday

Jogging (I don't think I can say running) for 28 minutes is so boring when it is done on a treadmill . It really was a mental rather than a physical challenge

Amazing tho that 8 weeks ago I could hardly jog for a minute and now jog fo 28 minutes non stop

but I am afraid to say I don't like running

Only 5 more runs then onto m bike

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Congratulations! I did week 8 run 1 this morning and have a nice warm glow now! I do my running outdoors though tend to do the same route each time as I live in a hilly area and so run on the only flat bit around here.

i completely understand what you mean though as I still don't enjoy running (and I don't have a bike to move to when I graduate) and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to keep myself motivated when I finish the programme....


Firstly, well done for getting this far. It's a great achievement and you should be really proud. Not long to go now!

Yes, it can be boring on a treadmill, especially in the later stages of the programme when you are running longer times. I swopped Laura (sorry Laura) for my own playlist in the last few weeks and inspirational music made a big difference to my motivation. Might be worth a try.

Also, have you tried running outside? As you have more to look at it would be less boring.

I'm not sure if I could honestly say I enjoy running either, it's hard work and takes effort but what I love is the feeling afterwards which has become a bit addictive and empowering! Go for it. You can do it!


hi I also have been doing the whole course on the treadmill.I have one more run and then I graduate?Like you I don't enjoy running but decided that if my husband could run I could.My doctor also told me that running is brilliant to keep osteoporosis I at bay,as it is weight bearing, something a bike doesn't do.I will try and mix it up in the gym and run a bit because I can now and then onto the bike.Well done for getting through the boredom x


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