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Killer shins

Just done Week 1 run 2. On run 1 I was really gasping for breath by the 4th burst of running, but this time was not consciously puffing hard until #6. My shins were absolute agony though. The tops of my feet likewise. I am guessing this is just the shock of the exercise from my first run. Yesterday I had muscle aches all over my body. Not just legs and feet, but back, shoulders etc.

Made it through to the end though. Am hoping this will all get better.

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Congratulations on getting started. If you are puffing hard then just ease the pace down a fraction. You have already noticed improvements and they will come thick and fast over the next few weeks.

Are you stretching after your run? Most of us consider it to be an essential part of running. I remember thinking,"Oh, I don't want to do all that." But if you don't, the chances are you will ache and you are more prone to injury,too. There are some good basic stretches on the NHS Choices page and they are now part of my warm down exercises and I swear by them. I could hardly walk down the stairs after my first (non stretch) run.

Keep running, keep posting

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Have been doing the standard stretches, but this is not my calves as much as the muscles at the front: the Tibialis anterior, as I discover it is known. after some googling I found this on you Tube which has helped quite a bit:

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Hi Rignold,

It can really hurt to begin with, there's no getting away from it, but after a few weeks you'll find the pain getting less and less as your muscles strengthen. I had a similar problem with shins to begin with, and you'll notice the muscles to the front and side of the shin bone getting stronger and larger over the next few weeks.

Get a good pair of shoes, always leave at least a day between runs, and don't go too fast is the mantra.

Good luck.

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Wow! This really is a blast form the past. Funnily enough the top of my fott hurts today after a little run, but that's because I have a small fracture after doing too many 20 milers in a row,


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