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Week 2 complete!

Very happy, got up early and cleared week 2 run 3. Still finding the earlier 90s runs harder than the later ones. On the last two I felt I had settled into a pace I could have continued. Just as well really, with week 3 coming up.


- Another runner waved at me. Another runner... that makes me, er, a runner. Felt great. Thank you to whoever that was.

- I overtook a barge. It felt a lot more exciting than it sounds here. Really, it was amazing.


- Cows. Big cows with horns, in the path. One looked at me. I was so scared I took a different route home.

- Wardrobe fail: I invested in fancy running leggings and set out to do a week 2 run in them. They were too big and really needed pulled up every 2 minutes. Just as well that week 2 only has you running for 90s. I got some that fit now.

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A lovely post and congratulations on finishing the week. Barge racing could catch on......and of course you are a runner now. I love the cows (mainly bullocks actually) on my runs and the slightly bemused look they give me as I run past, as if to say "....what on earth....."

Enjoy your running.


No cows here in suburbia. Only one cat today, who glared at me as i ran past. But it's weird how every person I see has a dog on a lead in front of them - must be some sort of walking aid, perhaps?


Bring on week 3, then!


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