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Stubborn defeats stomach bug!

I DID IT!!!!! Week 9, run 1, 30 minutes of running without stopping!

Despite being ill for the last 3 days, I decided that I was going to be stubborn, and not let some stupid bug stop me from graduating the C25k programme this week.

So, today I've still felt rotten, but at least I've been able to fart with confidence (sorry for the TMI). I put on the trainers and the new running hat/headband thing that I've knitted because it's getting cold out now, and decided to see how far I could get with the 1st podcast of the last week of the programme.

Way off pace, and by 20 minutes in it felt as though my intestines were tying themselves into a hangmans noose to strangle my stomach, but sheer stubborn determination kept me going, and I ran for the full 30 minutes! :D

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We'll done. With that sort of determination you will be running big distances soon. :)


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