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Heart rate monitors

I've been running for seven months now, averaging 15-20km a week. I love it and I am excited to be doing the British Heart Foundation 10km in Hyde Park on Saturday, but I am very aware that I don't seem to be getting any better. As my distances have increased, my 5km time has increased too (I know others have experienced this), and I feel I am a bit stuck. Has anyone had experience of using a heart monitor to keep your heart rate at optimum level, and has it helped you to increase your fitness? Any other tips on taking my fitness up another notch?

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Have you tried 1 shorter run, say 3km flat out?

You could try endomondo pro, if you have a smart phone (other apps are available), with that you could select race yourself, pick your best run, turn on the voice prompts and then it will tell you when you're doing better or worse than last time.

If you have a nearby parkrun, they're ace for improving speed.

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I'm new to this (wk4) but have you thought of doing interval running?

There are various plans that involve fast running for seconds not minutes with breaks. This sometimes refered to as "speed work".

Hope this helps.



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