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W6R3 Whoopee - singing in the rain!

I avoided W6R3 two days ago and re-ran run 2 with the excuse that I didn't have the time :) . Anyhow, took myself in hand this morning - up at 6am, out and running in the dark and pouring rain (can't quite believe this myself) and did it. Fabulous feeling, did a little "singing in the rain" dance to celebrate.

BTW - the dog's getting fitter too and although I've only lost a few pounds the wobbly bits are definitely less wobbly :)

Thanks to all for your inspiring posts - onwards - hopefully in the dry on Friday. Now off to work ......

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Poop! I bottled my run in the rain this morning, so this makes me feel even worse! So glad you did it though, x


We got the rain here last night, and I was out in it too! Quite liberating really, although my husband has asked me to stop at the shops on the way back to get something so I must have looked a fright, red-faced and soaked through! On to week 7 now, good luck and enjoy :)


Well done - I have to confess that I still avoid the rain on occasions! I don't mind if it starts while I'm out, but I hate the warm-up walk in the rain. All the best for Friday's run :)


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