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My body hates me :(

Today was supposed to be week 9, run 1. Instead my body is decidedly upset with me, and I daren't be too far from the bathroom.

On the plus side, I've lost 4lb since yesterday, which is nearly as much in 1 day as I've managed in total since July. However, I suspect that this is mostly dehydration, and won't be permanent.

I really really want to be running, and graduating the programme this week! I hate my body!


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I was attacked by the norovirus earlier in the summer and shed 5% of my bodyweight in 24 hours - and felt weak for about three days afterwards. It's not your body that hates you, it's a foreign body!

Take it easy when getting back out there again, you will need to build up to it - but it will come back...


I feel your pain! I was supposed to be doing W6R3 tonight and I am off sick with flu like symptoms... I want Laura to tell me I'm a real runner now!

Hope you are better soon :o)


:-(, concentrate on making a full recovery, which I hope isn't too long. Before you know it you'll be back.


Hope u feel better soon and what matters is you WILL graduate so it may take a little longer but whats a extra week your a runner now x


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