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W4R2 - too many rest days?

I did W4R1 last Friday (I usually run M,W,F) and was hoping to do R2 yesterday but I was moving house and didn't get a chance. I am worried about a 3 day break for R2 now and I'd prefer to get back on my old schedule but that means another 2 days before a run on friday...

Worried this is rest-day-heavy on a week that I really want to nail before moving on.

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Please don't be worried about taking an additional days rest (though I doubt if moving house was restful!) Lots of folk deliberately take an additional day or two if aches and pains strike. Be assured! Your body won't have forgotten its training in so short a time - so this is more than likely a mental thing...and you need more stress at the moment like a hole in the head!

Get your move sorted, enjoy your new location, plan a jolly route, and get out again as soon as you can. You might even find a time at the weekend to pop out for 30 minutes! The best laid plans etc etc... My M, W, F plans went all awry too, but graduation still happened :D

Cheers, and lots of luck in your new home! Happy running. Linda x


Ah thanks Linda. You are right, moving was not restful so guess I may have worked on strength at least lugging everything around!

I did W4R2 today without too much trouble so I guess you are right - I will give it two days to recover from the moving aches and try for r3 on friday.

I have actually been avoiding running on weekends as I have been keeping the fact that I am doing this programme secret from my boyfriend! Initially I thought it would just help me as if I didn't manage it I wouldn't have to own up to it (!) but now I am really looking forward to telling him when I (hopefully) graduate!

The number of times i have almost spilt the beans though...:)


To be honest, when circumstances have enforced a longer break than one or two days, I have generally had a better run. This morning I ran after a three day 'rest' and it was much easier than when I ran with only one day's break.


Don't worry and beat yourself up. Missing the odd run won't do any harm at all and as long as you don't give up completely then just pick up where you left off. Good luck and carry on running :-)


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