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week 5 run 2

I posted last week (Sunday) that I'd had a really good run as I was starting back on

Week 5 Run 1 . I haven't been able to get out there again until this morning for Run 2 , It was SO hard, I did it but I had to run without Laura because I forgot to charge my phone last night :-( As I was running I was thinking to myself that It seemed almost impossible that I'd managed to run for 30 mins and also stumbled round a 10k in a pretty reasonable time around 10 months ago. I don't think that my frame of mind (and the lack of music and Laura in my ear) helped the situation. I then started to wonder if I will ever get back to where I was . I really should've posted on here on Tuesday night , which is when I should've done run 2 , I got caught up at school with a few things and then decided that I was too tired , so went home and 'slobbed' in front of the TV. Oh well, here's to a charged phone, Laura in my ear and run 3 on TUESDAY , and I WILL post on here on Tuesday eve (That's a promise to MYSELF by the way :-) :-)

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