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I finally went and broke the 5k barrier

What a week this has been in terms of running. After moaning about not being able to get past 5k and still finding it tough, I set off on Tuesday evening at my normal time of 8.30pm for a dark and drizzly run. I had formulated a good playlist for this one with a load of upbeat fast tunes to keep me moving. My last playlist wasn't too well compiled and had a few slower songs which, when they came on, instantly made my legs feel heavier. So I decided I was aiming for 5.5k again, and this time I set off at a fairly slow pace, about 6 mins/km. This felt good, and before I knew it, 20 minutes had passed and I was happily cruising. I made it to 5k in about 30 minutes, and pushed on to 5.5. Still feeling good, so I kept going. At 6k the legs were starting to complain, but there was another little bit of road left before I hit the hill. So I kept on running and made it to the bottom of the hill back up to my house. The ordered and scientific (and a little bit OCD) side of me wouldn't allow me to finish on 6.3k (it just looks messy), so I ran another 200m up the hill to finish on 6.5k. I was extremely proud of myself, and it was as much of a psychological breakthrough as anything else.

Thursday night was my next run and it was to be my slow and steady 5k this week, as I was feeling a little lethargic (note to anyone reading, do not try running after eating mashed potato!!). This one was totally different. I still made it to 5k, but was happy to stop at the end. Lesson learnt. Plan my meals a bit better on running days. I have to run after dinner, as mornings and early evenings are out since we have a 9 month old daughter who needs watching pretty much constantly at the minute!!. So running takes a back seat until she is tucked up in bed.

The weekend was meant to be my introduction to improving my speed, but on Saturday, swimming with my little girl took precedence (I say swimming, it was mainly splashing, not one length was done), and Sunday was the Hairy Maclary Show at the local theatre (parents of under fives should know exactly what I mean!) Family life really does have a habit of getting in the way of running! I wouldn't change it for the world though.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!

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I love how the top tag on this is "Hairy".


Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons' Dairy! I'm from NZ, so that is like a little breath of home ;-)


Good to hear you are back out tramping the hills and getting some personal running challenges out of the way.


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