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What a difference a rest and a slow start makes!

This week I have been onto week 8 of the programme and I was feeling quite nervous about it for a couple of reasons. Firstly week 7 was a lot harder than I expected. Having already got onto a long run at the end of the previous weeks, I think I expected to see an immediate improvement, and perhaps pushed myself too much and then really struggled because of it. Then I was away for work for three days at the start of the week when there was just no time to run, giving a big break to my schedule. It was really hard to find the motivation to go out again when I was back home but I pushed myself out the door and decided to go really slow to begin with for week 8 run 1, fully expecting not to make it.

So imagine my surprise when I found myself getting into a steady rhythm and really enjoying it, getting around relatively easily and even speeding up quite considerably at then end. Then today I did run 2 of the week, again starting slowly having learnt from last time, and again had such a great run that I continued on after the end and managed to do a full hour! I am absolutely thrilled at this and never thought this would ever be possible without considerable walking breaks in-between, let alone so soon!

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Well done!! I bet you are seriously proud of yourself and rightly so :)


Fantastic! Well done :)


Great job !! I am going to do day one of week 8 today! Always feel a bit nervous before I run and then surprise myself that I was able to do it !! ;^}


Thank you for this post. I read it while I was drinking my cup of tea this morning before I went out for w9r2. I was feeling a bit the worst for wear but determined I was going to get out there. So I decided I would just take it really steady and make sure I was enjoying it and I was making a slow start. It was brilliant, I enjoyed it more than I expected and I even increased my pace for the last 10 mins. Thanks for sensible advice at just the moment of need!

Well done!


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