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I've been struggling to get out after work in the evenings because I live in the middle of nowhere and it's so dark I'm petrified of falling down a rabbit hole! This evening hubby is on a shift that means he can have the kids and I can run straight after work in the grounds (I also work in the middle of nowhere!) then drive home. I had a head cold the end of last week and at the weekend so I haven't done as much running as usual and I've been putting off Wk5R3 at bit after repeating Wk5R2. Sitting at my desk now waiting for half 5 because I really want to get out there! I found myself getting a rhythm going the last run I did so I'm hoping to do that again and that the change of scenery will do me good too. Moving house a week on Saturday so with any luck I'll find a route with street lights...

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I hope it went well and you didn't fall down any rabbit holes! Good luck with the house move, and I hope you find a good route or two with some street lights. Let us know how it all goes!


The route I went on last night was very muddy and had 4 stiles on it! I think I probably did 17mins in total (although the ache in my legs today thinks otherwise!), I finished feeling a little unhappy with it. I don't think I'll try that route again for a while, a lot of it was uphill through rough ground and mud. I think I need a head torch and I'll do my normal route this weekend and see how it goes...


Ooooh a head torch! Why didn't I think of it! That's what I can use. I put off my run today as it was soon to be dusk (had nothing to do with being Wk5 D3). But I will go down to the camping gear and pull out the head torch for next week. I already run - if I might be out at dusk - with a small white bike light on front, and a flashing red bike light on back. I can't actually see the road and it's a bit rocky and beat up in places.

Congrats on you accomplishment!!


1st head torch run done! Worked really well - just need to get my own now! Got a shin splint in 1 leg today for the first time in ages which wasn't so good. Onwards and upwards!!


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