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W5 r3....yes, that one!

W5 r3....yes, that one!

Oh my word....I didn't even know I was going to do this run today!!!!

I usually run at just after 5am m,w,f...but due to me crying off because it was pouring on weds, all my days were out. So, of I went to host craft club this morning, came back and thought that I really MUST go for my run.

I was due to do run2 but was toying with getting the scary one out the way. No, i said to myself, it's set out like this for a good reason, so I started run2 like a good girl.

2 mins into my warm up my naughty side jumped out and smothered my good side...I mean, it fair jumped on top of it and squished it right down into the ground! Before I knew it, the podcast was playing run3!!!!

Well, I thought, there is nothing I can do about it now, I will just try and see how I get on....I can always give up at 8 mins and go back to the original plan. 2 minutes later I was thinking that I would just do that...then my good side got up, dusted herself off and told me that the challenge was mental, not physical, and, since nothing was hurting, I should jolly well get on with it! Since when did my good side start siding with my naughty side, that's what I want to know!

So, I only bloomin well did it!!! And another 5 minutes on top!!!! 25 flipping minutes! I have no idea who to blame for the extra 5 minutes! But I am a very happy bunny that I did it! It was all super slow, but I did it!

My naughty side is now telling me to go and have a latte and a piece of fruit bread to good side is telling me I shouldn't reward myself with back later!

Mmmmmmmm....munch munch munch x

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Blimey. Well done!


LOL! Brilliant post! You will love week 9 then!


Can't wait! Bring it on! .....maybe???? x


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