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Yayyyyy!!! 20 minutes non stop running - week 5 run three ticked off :)

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I'm so happy, I never thought until I did it just now that I could. Granted I went slow, short strides and really did pace myself. However, I feel absolutely fantastic now as I've been dreading run 3 all week and never thought I could do it.

This programme is brilliant. Week one is, I believe, the hardest week of all - after that you begin to build your stamina and strength and just feel better and better.

My legs feel like jelly and I'm very tired but couldn't be happier. I'm off to celebrate my sons 40th birthday now - feel very proud to have a son of that age and be running round my local park like a teenager!!


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I think completing week 5 run 3 gave me the GREATEST feeling of achievement, I think even more than graduating amazingly. Well done , you are well on your way to completing the programme :)

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iloverunningGraduate in reply to katee1958

Thank you Katee it does feel like a huge achievement - I now feel that I CAN & WILL complete the programme. Its the first time I've felt that.

:) x

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I'm hoping to complete it today or tomorrow. Your positive experience has spurred me on - just need to get rid of this cold first!

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Congratulations Jo!!!! Enjoy those happy feelings and let them carry you through week 6. You will do this and it's so good to hear that you know this now

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Thanks Mazzero, it was such a turning point getting that week 5 done, until now I've been reluctant to buy running attire and telling people just in case I couldn't get through the programme. Now I really feel that I can do it and it's such a great feeling.

Good luck mummystar - you'll do it and feel so good but you're right to wait until your cold clears up - life does get in the way sometimes! If I can do 20 minutes of running then anyone can, I truly believe that! I look forward to congratulating you on here :)

Brilliant, well done!

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