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Help I'm Oooh Sooo Tired :-(

Graduated back in July and kept on running albeit only twice a week as work commitments got in the way and achilles a bit stiff.

But last two weeks just too tired to even move off the settee when I get in from work, falling asleep and off to bed very early. Only managed one 20 minute run one morning.

Cant bear the thought of my months and months of hard work getting to graduation disappearing as it surely will if I don't do something quick.

So folks I am looking to you all for inspiration .

Help !!! :-(

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Hi. I know exactly how you feel. The only way I got around it was having my running gear waiting for me when I got in from work, changing straight away and getting out there. The dog was a bit confused with the whirlwind but it works! If I sit down or start something else it makes it much more difficult. Good luck! :)

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How do we encourage you? It must be very hard to run on top of a days work.

I have been doing a whole lot of reading around food, dieting etc and there is a lot of information out there about how what we eat affects our metabolism.

Look up Dr Robert Lustig for his comments about sugar and also Dr John Briffa.about cholesterol, insulin etc. May give you an insight for your low energy levels.

And don't forget, only one 20 minute run is better than lounging on the couch!

Hope you soon feel the energy!


Hey plodalong. I have experienced this a few times as have a long commute and working day. My only solution so far has been to ignore it and just go and most of the time I find running helps.

As Beek mentioned, 20 minutes of running is better than 20 minutes on the couch and at least you feel like you are keeping up the momentum and not slipping back into old habits.

You can always rest when you get back home :-)


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