Couch to 5K

W1 repeated R1. Ooooooooo !!!!!

What a difference from Thursday's run. My first time out on my own and I was able to look around me instead of the ground. I found myself noticing the robin on the fence as I passed him instead of every footfall of my size 8 running shoe. I wondered if the tabby farm cat was snickering from behind his whiskers as I bumbled past. I still looked forward to Laura as she told me when to slow down. As I rounded the corner on the home stretch I smiled, I knew I had done it again, all 19 stone of me. Here's to Tuesday.

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well done Flower 7, and so glad you found it easier this time...It will get better, but you probably won't think just keep having to have a censor check of how far you've come since day 1....good luck xxx


Well done flower7. You must be feeling so proud of yourself. Tracey


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