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Where to start after my two and half week holiday

I have just got back from holiday and was half way through week 5 before I went. I did a little run on Monday and really struggled ( not using the podcast !) I am now going back with force today as I want to complete the program before my birthday in October. My question is which week should I start back on? Any advice would be great. thank you.

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Hi EMG1,

I managed to do w5r2 whilst on holiday, but then had a 5/6 day gap and did w5r3 last night. It was fine, maybe a little more difficult than it would've been if I had stuck rigidly to the programme... But hey, life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?! We have to learn to appreciate that and not best ourselves up about it.

Maybe if I were you, I'd just start w5 again... As 2.5 weeks is a little more than 6 days :)

I wouldn't worry about it too much. See how it goes and stay positive :) that's the important thing and it got me through my 20 min run last night.

Good luck!


Hi NyePye, I did take my running gear with me but it was far to hot and the roads too dangerous to run so I think today w4 r3 and see how I get on if that goes well I will do w5 r1 on Friday. Well done on your run... love the positivity ! :-)


If I can do it, anyone can!

Have fun tonight :)


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