Couch to 5K

My big day tomorrow!

I'm really looking forward to completing my graduation day tomorrow. I've got my fingers and toes crossed that the wind dies down. After my last run I was disappointed to have a pain in the groin but after two days of rest it seems to have settled down. Now I just hope that I have no hassle at work tomorrow as I've been used to running very early each morning and the return to school means I will have to run at night now. Wish me luck guys.

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Good luck Twizzle53.

Just think, if all goes well this time tomorrow evening you'll have your graduate badge - now that should be enough to motivate you!!


Good luck Twizzle, I'm sure you will do well this evening, just so long as you uncross your toes before you start running ;) Let us know how you get on, so we can celebrate with you.


Good luck on the run Twizzle, make it special :)


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