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Seem to have lost my running Mojo :(

I started the whole C25K about a year ago now and have completed three 10k races... the last of which was in the scorching summer heat. It was hellish to do but I was so proud of myself for getting to the end. The thing is that since then (about 7 weeks ago now) I've been really slack about my training. It has been the summer so we went away, the kids have been at home all the time etc all of which has left less time for training but I feel that that is just an excuse. My husband started C25K 10 weeks ago and has just graduated, I'm so proud of him and pleased that he's caught the running bug but I seem to have gone off the boil with it. It could be that I don't have a training plan to follow anymore but I was looking forward to running 'for the sake of it' and even when I do go out I don't seem to enjoy it as much as I did before... My husband and I are planning to do a 10k together in November (it will be his first!) so I'm hoping that training for that might get me back on track. It is getting me down a bit as I was loving my running and I don't really know what has gone wrong. It's not that I have stopped training but the frequency and intensity/distances I'm doing have reduced.

Anyone else been through a similar thing? If so how did you get yourself out of it?

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Yes, I've just come out of a low patch. I graduated at the end of July, and absolutely loved the whole 9 weeks but unfortunately got knocked flat by a horrible virus in week 9 and had to wait a couple of weeks to finish the final run.

After that, I was still going out 3 times a week but wasn't enjoying it because it felt hard - harder than the last couple of weeks of the programme. I didn't realise then that I was still recovering from being ill, so I took some time off while I was away on holiday.

Came home and still wasn't looking forward to running, so I downloaded the c25k+ podcasts and did them and it helped. I was already committed to running a 10k at the end of this month, but it was hanging over me like a cloud. I decided to forget all about it and just run for the sake of it - no fixed distance or time or even route...just head out and see where it took me.

Over the last few weeks, I've aimed to do two 30 minute runs and one longer one at the weekend. I swap and change what time of day I run and try to vary my route as much as possible (which isn't very much, as I live in a small village in Wales and pavements and routes out of it are limited!).

Gradually, I've felt good about running again. I've downloaded Now That's What I Call Running and I listen to a different set if tracks every run. I've stopped saying "should run" - if I feel like it, I do, if not, I sometimes still head out and tell myself I can stop anytime I like.

You have clearly done really well to get to be running 10k races - how about changing from distance to speed to add something new to your training? Or running some Parkruns, where it's all over in about 30 minutes and you can get on with the rest of your life?

Hopefully, running with your husband will add to your enjoyment too. :-)


I'd 2nd the parkrun if there's one near by.


A lot of people have suffered the Mojo loss thing. For me it was just a limited choice of routes. I live in a small town with a country park just outside. The country park has one route around it, so my only variety was 'Which way to run?'.

I have started to do the local ParkRun when I can, which is a much more varied route. This has been great and breaks the monotony of running on your own. I have also started, on occasions to drive out to somewhere different to run. A change is as good as a rest.

I think Honorsmum is right also, we have all been used to just going for a regimented '30 minute run' or similar. There is nothing wrong with getting out and just going for a run. I think if you are just getting out there and running, and now with your husband for company, then you are doing a lot more than most. And that's great.

Keep it up. :-)


Targets are what C25k does so well and I feel a bit in limbo after graduation, too. I am following a similar plan to honorsmum to hit 10k by the end of this month and then consolidate to do a sub 60 minute 10k local race in May next year. I did my first Parkrun at the weekend and it dragged a ridiculously good time out of me, owing to my lack of experience running with other people. (It is a PB that I am happy to let stand for some time.) Parkrun is a very different and friendly running experience and I would thoroughly recommend it.

I hope something reignites the flame.


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