Couch to 5K

End of Week 5 - halfway mark milestone :-)

Thanks to all of you and this website for such encouraging messages and posts. I've successfully completed the last run of Week 5 and passed the halfway mark milestone. Im super excited and very thrilled about this achievement of mine. I never have been successful in the past in any exercise program, which used to heavily weigh me down, literally and metaphorically ; sticking to Couch to 5k has been the best thing that happened to me in terms of discipline in the last 44 years of my life. I feel lighter, healthier, more agile and just the sense of accomplishment is an adrenalin rush in itself !

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Well g24169 (that's a catchy tag!) Brilliant and well done. I get so much pleasure from hearing stories such as yours because I've been there and know that sense of achievement is priceless This simple running programme can change your life, with so many unexpected benefits. The fact that I can empathise with so many total strangers is a surprise to me.

Keep us posted, so we can share your journey. You have reached a significant milestone with many more to come.


Well done, you are well on the way to completing the plan. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.


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