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Week 7 up and running!

I opened my week 7 account last night with a cracking run, well, cracking if you consider I was asleep on the sofa for an hour before!! my other half gently nudged me awake and out the door.

I set off on my usual route, which starts with a long slight downhill which is good to get warmed up. My second km was my fastest yet, 5.36 mins; well pleased with that. I managed to get round 4.5 kilometres in the 25 minutes of the podcast and felt considerably better than after w6r3.

Is anyone else finding that the music is getting progressively worse as the series goes on? I'm not sure I can listen to this podcast 2 more times. My next run is a Parkrun on Saturday morning, I may freestyle it without Laura and see how I get on.

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Well done you! Feels really good doesn't it? So far, I've only worked out that I was at 6.6 mins per km when I did my Parkrun but I haven't really bothered logging distances too religiously when doing the weekly sessions with Laura. As I hadn't run for over 30 years before starting c25k, I want to build stamina rather than speed but it would be nice to go a little faster ;-) I am also wanting a GPS watch (something like a Garmin Forerunner 10) so that I can track things and give myself an incentive to improve as I am contemplating a half marathon next April and will need to be able to see what's going on.

I agree about the music and I have had to find something else - although I'll listen to Laura for the beginning of weeks 8 and 9 I don't think I could cope with the music any longer.....


Totally agree about the music, especially W7. What I did was listen to the podcast for the first run of each week (except for W5 & W6 of course) then ran to a playlist of music of my own choosing after that, timing myself with a stopwatch. I'm sure it made me run better!


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