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W5 R1 ........... NO!

I've had 'niggly knees' since finishing W4 R3 on Wednesday last week and have been too scared (or perhaps lazy) to run since. I'm terrified of hurting myself.

Today though it seems I'm fixed (I keep running up and down the stairs in the hope of causing a twinge that will stop me from going out but nothing so far!).

So it's time to finish up my work. Get my trainers on and just DO IT.

Those of you have followed and helped me so far will know that I have a wobble just before R1 of a new week. But I'm here to tell you that tonight I will not wobble (that jelly sensation in my knees and tummy is perfectly normal).

To my fellow C25Kers running tonight: I wish you a cool wind on your back, flat terrain and (by some miracle) decent music on the podcast :)

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Go for it and let us know how you get on xx


I hope it went really well, let us know. If the music is better let us know too! I am moving on to week 5 next. Apprehensive too.


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