Couch to 5K

Farewell dear friends - Parting is such sweet sorrow

No, not to this site, dummy!! My Adidas trainers that I started this 'journey' with all those months ago. The ones that I bought, just because I liked them in black and pink, and because I thought they'd look good with jeans as well. At that time, I just had some vague idea of wanting to lose weight, at maybe, some time in the future.

They've loved me unconditionally, they forgave the fact that, back then, I was 3 stone heavier and plodded around with me, no matter the time of day, or the weather conditions. They've never given me a moment's concern, nor a blister, nor a rubbed heel.

And how have I thanked them? making them work for ever-increasing distances (although i am a fair bit lighter now), and by wearing them out from the inside, and on the outside. I have never before, in my entire life, worn a pair of trainers out just by exercising in them.

So, my Adidas black and pinks (I'm ashamed that I never took the time to know your make & model numbers) - I salute you, and thank you for everything you've done for me, but now is the time to trade you in for a younger, and probably flashier model :(

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I have just retired my old trainers and bought running shoes. Such a difference.

(I say retired, because my old ones are off to spend a life in the sun, as I am taking them to my house in France for those odd occasions when I run there. They deserve a quiet life now).


My old ones have retired from running but like to come out for a romp up the beach with the Labradors now and then. =)


Just bought a new pair of running shoes too. Quite similar to the old ones. But right now I can't bear to part with the old ones. So new pair sit in their box, waiting to get out there and get dirty.


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