Couch to 5K

China Anniversary

well that was a little bit different!

Had a really bad week last week, which I just wasn't expecting, I mean come on this was post graduation week, should have been floating around :-)

Decided to just put it behind me and chalk it up! fresh start new week, this week is my china wedding anniversary, so you see I can be stubborn and stick at some things :-)

Didn't go for my Monday run (it would have not been a good one), the club cancelled as it is Bank Holiday and as aforesaid anniversary celebrations (alcohol and running don't mix) :-)

So first light this morning out the door I went, ... with Tanya, B210K W1 R1 :-)

well ran the local route, it was an ok run not great but not bad either, 5 minutes warm-up walk, 10 minutes run, 1 minute walk, 10 minutes run, 1 minute walk turn around, 10 minutes run, 1 minute walk, 10 minutes run, 5 minutes cool down walk, the podcast was ok Tanya introduced herself, told us what we would be doing then that was it, a really bad soundtrack (worse than C25K including here little bunny rabbit? ) and a bloke telling me half way there, run, walk, 5 minutes left, 2 minutes 1 minute so Ok, but just not Laura!

the worst bit was coming home I hadn't judged the distance anywhere nearly right and ended up doing 12 laps of the car park at the end of the road (to the delight of neighbours waiting for the bus), but hey another run notched up, clouds that have had their silver linings replaced, yup here's to 10K! Now over to the running bug site to log my bugmiles :-) maybe I will win one of those bugdanas this month? Happy Running guys, get well soons for Danzargo, Ryansson and everyone else who is suffering :-)

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Just did w1r1 of B210k myself yesterday and was pleasantly surprised (luckily, no alcohol involved the previous night), so next run tomorrow - good luck for your next one :)


lol, usually I don't drink, but it was a toast to 20 years of marriage so I couldn't say no (only 1 glass)


I tried the first B210K run a couple of weeks ago (pulled my calf muscle half way through so had to give up and have decided to just go back to running 30 minutes for now) and it was such a disappointment after all the encouragement from Laura in Couch to 5K. The instructions were a bit brief and abrupt and when the bunny rabbit track came on I thought 'seriously??'. Good luck with your 10K running, let's hope the music gets better and congratulations on your anniversary :)


thank you, sorry you pulled a muscle, hope you feel better soon, nothing wrong with doing the 5k 30 minutes, that was what I had intended doing, but I needed the extra motivation, glad someone else thought the same with the bunny music lol :-)


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