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Good Grief!!

As a lapsed graduate I started W1R1 this morning, at the 6th rep my life flashed before my eyes! I remembered that Laura lets you know when there are 2 more runs to go, I have never been so glad to hear her voice. I am 3 stone heavier (no thats not a typo unfortunately) than I was when I was running before and can really feel the difference. I bought a new pair of very expensive running shoes just before I stopped running, I spared them their embarrassment today and wore my old ones! I think wearing them will be my graduation II reward!

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Well done for getting back on the saddle (as the saying goes!)

You'll have all that huffing and puffing, sweating and aching, early morning starts alongside feelings of euphoria, increasing self confidence and fitness, and losing some extra weight - it's fabulous! Welcome back and Happy Running! :)


Hi there and congratulations for making a brand new start.You will see such a difference very soon ,as you know ...and coupled with a good eating plan, it's a win win situation.

Lots of luck to you, it's so worth putting in a bit of hard work for all the lovely benefits you will get back.Keep posting how you are doing ,wont you?


Glad to hear you are back. You'll be fine - you've done this before so you know you can do it, & you know that the results are worth it.

Best of luck, we are rooting for you!


Welcome back, look forward to hearing about your continued success xx


I'm in a similar position, tho I didnt graduate. I wish I had stuck to it.

But hey, at least we're having a second go.

I hope to lose weight, build fitness and stamina. Physically my asthmatic lungs need the breathing cspacity and my depressed brain needs the hsppy chemicals too.

Good luck, I wish you well on your journey.



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