Couch to 5K

Slip sliding away!

I am going back to running the week 9 podcast for the foreseeable future until I've got my music sorted out - which hopefully may be by the end of today as my IT son is coming for tea to sort me out.

And do you know what? Today is a rest day - and I am MISSING doing any running. YAY!

It has taken a long time to get to this stage and at times I thought all this feel good factor was simply an urban myth. IT IS NOT! So to all you newbies on the programme, hang in there. Yes it is hard some days (well most really) but in time you will start to miss it when you don't partake!

Yesterday I set off early in the gentle drizzle but didn't mind that because it kept me cool. What did throw me though was the fog. I found it hard to locate my marker positions, trees etc through misted up, rain splattered glasses and the fog. And the compacted mud track had turned into a slippery, slimy goo. Very tricky to negotiate, to the point where I was slipping and sliding around so much that I had to walk. The nettles have grown very tall and were thwacking me around my knees where they had bent over the path with the rain clinging to them. And they don't half give you a sting - even through your leggings.

On the up side though when I ran through the rugby fields field it was a doddle. In the past I have had to perform some very nifty footwork to avoid the many mole hills all around. The playing fields have been mowed and all the molehills flattened! OH JOY! A level playing field for once!

By the time I had to scramble up the steep path up to go through the cemetery the rain had become torrential. I was soaked to the skin and it felt absolutely GREAT! I was plastered with mud spots and my jogger bottoms were sodden with mucky puddle water. I guess this is what little kids feel like when making mud pies. It was lovely! And today is a rest day and I want to do it all again. The running bug has well and truly bit!

Hope it does for anyone still waiting for those elusive feelings to turn up. They will - eventually!


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Well ran Beek, continued Happy Running :-)


well done - as you say who would have thought running became like an itch and come rain or shine out the door we go.

Lovely post - happy days :-)


That sounds more like Tough Mudder you just ran Beek (Its an assault course race in Scotland for extreme fitness bodies) well done you, definitely addicted now I would say. :)


Just catching up on your posts. What a shame about your park run, but I think that you are extremely brave for trying one and I am sure that with some more runs and your breakfast perfected, you will have a very different experience next time. On a different note it is fantastic and very inspiring to read that you are enjoying being a runner now! :)


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