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Which app is the best?


Hi, I've tried Map my run, Run Keeper, Nike plus. If I go out walking with the dog I use the map my walk, on the same route as the run. I got the same route very single time but each app gives me entire different results. Yet the first three could be all on at the same time. I have entirely different calories, miles etc. it makes me easily confused which one is right :/ what do you guys have and which do you recommend.

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Try not to get hang up about comparing all the Apps that out there. For example I use Ismoothrun which is great and gives me eveything I need i.e. Cadance, pace etc etc so then I up load it to Nike+ then onto Starva ( for loading my mile for charity ) so I think it's totally up to you stick with one and go for it ....

croxGraduate in reply to TheBoyWhoRun

+1 for Strava, I like it for the segments as it shows improvements. I also like Endomondo pro as I can set up run/walk notices.


I've had the same issue with those three apps; each one gives me very different results!


I hope we get some more replies cos I am curious about which app is "best". Apparently phone apps are not a patch on the dedicated GPS systems.eg Garmins. I have had some great PBs from Endomondo, but I'm damned if I can recreate them.

totalbeginnerGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I've only used map runkeeper.I asked a question last year about apps - and got a few replies. Nike, map my run, runkeeper, endumondo and run zombie run I think we're the main ones


I use runkeeper as well, one day maybe I will have a Garmin, drop hints to hubby ;)


I use Runtastic as it links to MyFitnessPal. I don't know how accurate it is distance-wise but I find it very good and if you use the same one all the time you will see how your stats improve.

runningwildGraduate in reply to gingernut49

Thanks gingernut, may try that whilst waiting for my watch!!!


I love my Garmin and on the whole it's very accurate, less than 1% out at worst. Phone apps generally are less reliable, I think it's because of the GPS in phone, rather than the aps per say, but I could be wrong.

Definitely would recommend a Garmin

runningwildGraduate in reply to Phil72

Thanks Phil,have noticed my 'runkeeper' app always pauses in the same spot, weird. There's loads of trees on my route but it doesn't do it anywhere else.

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